Presidents Message – May 2017
Posted - May 01, 2017

As I reflect back on this year’s chapter meetings and Region III accomplishments, the wonderful people I get to volunteer with and the prospect of continuing my service to this great organization, I feel as though I am just beginning my service to this organization.

The work the chapter has done this year to make sure that the Chapter remains viable and reflects the needs of its members is what makes me continue to be proud of our Chapter and for me to provide the best leadership possible. This year many of you have offered and stepped up to volunteer your time and leadership to help others with their safety goals. Our new officers are well versed in the goals and achievements of our chapter and I am pleased knowing that you will continue on supporting the chapter.

Since stepping into the role of Chapter President my duties within ASSE both on the Regional and Society level have grown and I will be continuing my volunteer work to complete my vision of what this organization can do for it’s members.

Our May meeting will be my last as the House of Delegates meeting at Safety 2017 in Denver will be on the same day as June meeting (last monthly Chapter meeting for 2016-17) for the year. Since a great number of our leadership will be at the Safety 2017 meeting we will not have a technical meeting. I will see you July for the officers installation meeting!

I am looking forward to see all of you there!

Stan Gregory, CSP
President, South Texas Chapter ASSE

Presidents Message – December 2016
Posted - Dec 19, 2016

This evening we had a special guest speaker, Steven Gray, CSP, CHST our Region III RVP. He gave us an update on the Region and what they are working on for 2016-2017. He discussed our upcoming Region III Student Leadership Conference, PDC and the changes to manage the Region’s business going forward.


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WISE Mentoring Program
Posted - Aug 10, 2015

The WISE Mentoring program successfully connects today’s most talented and experienced women mentors with rising and aspiring mentees. This pairing is designed to encourage and empower mentees to more effectively advance their careers through alignment with identified business objective, skill development, career option consideration, and network formation. All discussions are strictly confidential between the two parties. If you are an SH&E practitioner seeking to chart a successful career path or a seasoned pro eager to share experiences and insight, please visit the ASSE WISE website for more information.